Thunder Love

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Thunder Love

Post by Ebby on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:18 am

Or)*smoke and fire rapidly filled the Blackbird as the alarms began to go crazy. What had started as a fun couples' weekend had rapidly turned into a shitstorm when the four mutants came under fire. In a flash the former goddess had her hands at the controls, trying desperately to keep in the air, casting glances back towards her lover and her best friends* Rouge! Get them out of here!*her blue eyes full of fear as the southern belle grabbed the Cajun and shoved the feral out ahead of her*I'll do my best to land....*she knew there was no chance....a sickening crack was heard as the jet nosedived into the waters putting out the flames but also keeping her from view*
(Tony)Guys we got a crash just outside Manhattan....*worry painting his voice*It was Xavier's people...*rushing out amidst the team, giving the lanky prince's hand a tight squeeze*

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